Recovering from an accident or injury can be frustrating.  Sometimes it may seem that your physical therapy is not progressing the way you thought it would.  Here are some tips to help you get on the road to recovery.

Stock up your medical bag with these Best Sellers….

Injuries are quite unexpected, so stocking up on some key things is important. Here is a list of things your Physical Therapist recommends, above and beyond your pain medication.

1.     BioFreeze or Sombra gel for topical pain relief.

2.     Rapid Relief Hot/Cold Pack

3.     Therapuetic pillow

4.     Exercise Ball or Full round Foam Roller for stretching

5.     Therabands (large elastic bands used for Strength & Stretching)

6.     Tens machine for at home pain relief.

7.     Back Brace, Knee Brace, Ankle Brace, Wrist brace, Tennis elbow brace if needed

No Pain No Gain ….right?  Nope! This may be true when you exercise to stay fit or lose weight but it is not true if you have an injury. Your Physical Therapists recommends restraint with pain. In fact it is better to follow basic injury protocols when you hurt, ice,compression (wrap it up) and elevate...after that rest and heat are helpful. 

Take a deep breath and have patience!   You will get better but you need to let your therapist guide you through your recovery. Sometimes it takes months to recover from a fall or a sports injury.  Talk to your Physical Therapist about your treatment plan. If you feel you are moving to slowly or too quickly through therapy changes will be made to accommodate you.

Like anything – you get out what you put in.   Now that your doctor has referred you for Physical Therapy a lot will depend on your willingness and dedication to getting better. If the Physical Therapist wants you to come 3 times per week …you gotta show up to your appointments and give your treatment your all. Treat your recovery like a job because your success depends on it!

Home exercise is just as important as showing up to your appointments! Are you struggling to keep up with you home exercise plan? We understand that it can be tough to exercise at home. Keep in mind your participation is a very important part of your recovery. Not doing your home exercises will significantly slow-down your progress. Talk to your Physical Therapist about ways you can stay on track or products that will make it easier for you to do what you need to do to get well and stay well.

Yours in Health - Paragon Treatment Team