Aaron McDonald PT, DPT, Cert DN

Doctor Aaron McDonald was born in Illinois as the 3rd of 4 kids. At a young age he moved to Utah where he spent his time growing up. Aaron spent much of his time engaged in the outdoors and playing many different sports. Over time, he more seriously pursued competitive soccer, track and field, and cross-country. To this day he has a particular love of soccer, running, volleyball, racquetball, tennis, cycling, and hiking. Due to his active lifestyle, Aaron continued to pursue his love of the human body and its ability to perform and function by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science at Brigham Young University. Following his undergraduate studies, he continued graduate school at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions where he obtained a clinical doctorate as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Aaron brings his unique diversified background to his profession and enjoys helping people achieve optimal function and enjoy a higher quality of life. He specializes in exercise prescription and treatment for orthopedic and sports injuries as well as pulmonary conditions, myofascial release techniques utilizing Graston instruments, deep soft tissue release through trigger point dry needling, and manual joint mobilizations and manipulations. He has had extensive background in treatment of pre and post operative as well as non-operative conditions of the spine, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles, and feet. 


Sheryl Lanham, LMT

Sheryl Lanham, LMT, is a Medical Massage Therapist specializing in Oncology Massage, In-home hospice care, Cupping Therapy Treatments, MPS Therapy/Pain Management, Sports Massage, deep tissue and more. Sheryl Lanham, LMT believes that individuals diagnosed with a life limiting illness deserve to live as fully as possible. Sheryl works closely with a clients Healthcare Physician to insure the best possible care for each individual client, understanding that no two persons pain or condition is the same. Sheryl is here to help maintain the quality of life and promote healing and also works with the folks who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sheryl Finds comfort in helping individuals live life to their fullest and has seen the profound effects massage therapy can have on us both physically and mentally. Sheryl attended The Dayton School of Medical Massage leaving with extensive training in Swedish Massage and knowledge of relaxation, therapeutic, sports massage along with many other treatment modalities and techniques. Studies of massage for the elderly and individuals fighting cancer and other life altering diseases suggests that massage can decrease stress, anxiety, depression, pain and fatigue. Many healthcare professionals recognize massage as a useful, non-invasive addition to standard medical treatment. What sets Sheryl apart from others is her personal experience working with her Mother, Sandy, who suffered stage 4 lung cancer. This experience inspired Sheryl to begin her journey in massage therapy in hopes to help individuals live life to their fullest and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


Nicholas Langenegger, Exercise Rehab Technician

Born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin, Nick is a physical therapist in the making. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Since graduating, he has pursued an additional two years of steady and involved mentorship in the world of physical therapy. Nick brings to the table an extensive knowledge of exercise biomechanics, exceptional customer service, and a passion for the physical therapy profession to ensure your recovery. He is a great listener and has an energetic, kind and positive attitude, which he utilizes to assist you in reaching your fullest growth and functional potential. Nick’s future goals and plans include pursuing his graduate studies to earn his clinical doctorate in physical therapy. He is an avid coffee drinker and foodie. He enjoys cooking, baking, movies and trivia. 


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Jazlyn King, Office Manager